Ultrasoft MoneyLink

Import your Microsoft® Money data into Excel

This product is discontinued.

With Ultrasoft MoneyLink, you can import data from Microsoft® Money into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

When you install this add-in program, new commands appear in Excel that you can use to start the MoneyLink wizard. The wizard will import your financial data into Excel, or synchronize data that you have already imported.

You can then use the data analysis and charting tools in Excel to help you look at the information in different ways. If you change the data in Microsoft Money, you can easily update those changes in Excel

The MoneyLink wizard allows you to import a variety of data from your Money file.

Money Link Wizard

Once you've imported your Microsoft Money data, you can several ways you can manipulate it in Excel.

Import this data from Money... Work with the data in Excel...
Account Transactions for All Accounts Create a pivot table to see how your spending has changed over time per category or per account dynamically.
Investment Prices for All Investments Create a graph to show the percentage gain of each stock relative to the others over time.
Investment Lots Create a worksheet that shows the percentage and amount gained or lost for each lot, and use the subtotal feature to create a summary.

For your security: If your Money file has a password, you will have to enter the password to import the data from Money.

To import data: Install Ultrasoft MoneyLink, then use the Get Money Data command in the Microsoft Excel Data menu. After you've imported your data once, an Ultrasoft MoneyLink toolbar appears to the right of your existing toolbars. Buttons on this toolbar correspond to items on the Data menu.

Money Link Toolbar

Tips for importing:

  • You can only import one type of Money data at a time (for example, your account list or investment performance). You can go through the wizard many times to get all the data you want.
  • If you place a formula in the cell just to the right of a block of imported Money data, that formula will automatically be filled into all the other cells beside the data the next time you refresh it.

To update Money data in your spreadsheet:

It's easy to update your spreadsheet with the latest information in your Money file. You can update a single block of data (for example, just your account list) or all the data you?ve imported.

  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet that contains your Money data.
  2. Click anywhere within the Money data on your worksheet.
  3. On the Data menu, click Refresh Money Data (to refresh a single block of data that you?ve clicked in) or Refresh All Money Data (to refresh all the data you've imported).

NOTE: The Refresh All Money Data command only works for the currently linked Money file. If your Excel file contains data from multiple Money files, it will only be refreshed from the most recently linked file.