Ultrasoft DataShield

Organize your information

This product is discontinued.

Ultrasoft DataShield lets you organize and store your important information conveniently and securely on your Palm OS® handheld.

And DataShield doesn't just store and protect your information - it helps you manage it.

  • Convenient - Store birthdays, policy numbers and membership details. Attach notes and schedule reminders to let you know when things need attention.
  • Secure - Store account numbers, PINs and passwords. DataShield uses military-strength encryption to keep your information safe in its password-protected database.
  • Flexible - Use the built-in templates to organize your data, or create your own templates. Select your own security settings to give you the right balance of convenience and protection.
  • Simple - You don't need to be a database programmer to configure DataShield just the way you want it. You can start entering your data within seconds.

Access your important

...but keep it safe from
prying eyes

DataShield is convenient

When you use DataShield, all of your information is available right at your fingertips. No more lost passwords or forgotten renewals. No more hunting for scraps of paper or yellow "stickies". No more digging through files. It's all right there in DataShield.

The main record view gives you quick access to your data.

Filter the list by template type and category to find just what you're looking for, or use the built-in Palm OS Find function to search your data.

A security setting lets you control whether your encrypted data is displayed or masked, and whether or not it's searchable. Display options let you select a font and colors for the list.

Main Record List

DataShield is secure

Your information is stored in a password-protected DataShield database. You assign a password when you first run the DataShield program, and your information is locked safely away.

Choose your preferred password format

When you assign or change your password, choose from three available formats: alpha-numeric, digits-only or PIN.

With the PIN format, access your data by entering your secret code sequence using the buttons on Palm OS device's casing.

DataShield uses the Rijndael algorithm, adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to be the new AES standard for cryptography. AES provides strong encryption with extremely secure protection against cryptanalysis. Visit http://www.nist.gov for more information.

When you lock DataShield, nobody can access your encrypted data without your password - not even the software engineers at Ultrasoft.

DataShield is flexible

It's easy to organize your information. When you create a new data record, select a template type and a Palm OS category. Both allow you to filter the main list. The template is also used to:

  • specify the fields that are available in the record
  • provide default encryption settings
  • provide default values, such as the record color, icon and reminder schedule

Templates List

Use the built-in templates to organize your data. Customize them to suit your needs, or create your own from scratch.

DataShield comes with three preset security levels: high, medium and low. Or you can select your own options in the security preferences panel to create a custom security level.

You can set DataShield to lock - requiring password re-entry - when you exit the program.

You can have it remain unlocked while you work, switching back and forth between applications, so you don't have to keep re-entering your password.

You can have it automatically lock when your device is powered off, or after a timeout period, to maintain security.

Security Settings

Choose the security level that gives you the right balance of convenience and protection. DataShield gives you flexibility and ease-of-use with data security!

DataShield for Windows

Synchronize DataShield with your Microsoft® Windows® computer, and access your data with DataShield Desktop.

DataShield Desktop for Windows provides a mirror for DataShield on your Palm OS handheld. It lets you:

  • Quickly enter new records and update existing records on your desktop computer.
  • Backup and restore your data.
  • Print your information.
  • Import and export data to share with other DataShield users.
  • Archive old records so they're not synchronized with your Palm OS handheld.
  • Share data with other applications using copy/paste and drag/drop.